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Your bank may offer broker services, or you can use a generic broker in Netherlands. We are using ABN Amro currently because they allow access to the best available portfolio for Dutch citizens today.

For generic brokers Binck would seem one of the more reliable ones, and they allow to generate additional income from securities lending.

When you consider DeGiro go for custody (there is nothing wrong with lending, however they are not transparent about what has been lent). Also note the AFM recently released a report about violations from DeGiro putting their customers' investments at risk, they are working on resolving that (and were recently bought by Flatex which should further help in that process).

If you choose Lynx, keep in mind that you can not just switch to their parent company Interactive Brokers, which will become cheaper with larger investments. Also the funds/stock are technically held in the US so the supervision from AFM will be minimal.

That said, the larger banks are dropping their fees and are catching up. This may offer alternative strategies especially when you are just starting to invest.

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