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Northern Trust portfolio using ABN Amro (Dutch)

If you are based in The Netherlands and are already a customer of ABN Amro, you may want to go for their “zelf beleggen” product and buy:

  • Stock (e.g. 70%)
    • 78% - Northern Trust World Custom ESG Equity Indexfonds (NL0011225305)
    • 12% - Northern Trust Emerging Markets Custom ESG Equity Index (NL0011515424)
    • 10% - Northern Trust World Small Cap ESG Low Carbon indexfonds (NL0013552078)
  • Fixed income (e.g. 30%)

As long as your fixed income allocation remains within the limit of the “depositogarantiestelsel”, in current economic climate I would NOT go for DBZB and instead put that money on a (Dutch government protected) savings account.

The main advantage of using Northern Trust Dutch domiciled funds is tax benefits, effectively lowering internal costs.

Generic portfolio (EU)

Portfolio ignoring broker cost for non-Dutch:

  • Stock (e.g. 70% of total)
    • 100% - Vanguard FTSE All-World ETF (VWCE.DE, IE00BK5BQT80, EUR, accumulating)
  • Fixed income (e.g. 30% of total)
    • 100% - Xtrackers II Global Government Bond UCITS ETF 1C - EUR Hedged (DBZB.DE, LU0378818131, EUR, accumulating)

If you are based in the USA, you can use Vanguard Total World Stock ETF (VT) instead of VWCE.


You could allocate 5% of the fixed income to microcredits. The Triodos Fair Share Fund (TFSF , NL0013087968, distributing) may be a good option. Microcredits, like bonds, have a negative correlation with stocks.

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